Eating Disorders


Heather has specialist knowledge working with clients who have Eating Disorders. She has worked with the UK's leading Eating Disorder charity over the course of the Covid Pandemic. Heather is a published researcher whose researchers on the treatment Body Image Disorders . Heather offers specialist short term and long term interventions with clients suffering from eating disorders and body image concerns
What We Offer
She has worked with a variety of Eating Disorder types for example
Binge Eating Disorder
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
art therapy anorexia
Art Therapy and Eating Disorders
There is clearly a relation here between the transitional object and the picture which has a mediating function in anorexia. The picture mediates in the transitional space and so may sometimes become a transitional object; it may enable the patient to sustain the relationship to the therapist in her absence
Schavarien, 1994
Art Therapy enables clients to explore their feelings and relationship with food. By using the Art Materials clients can explore feelings they may have been unable to express through talking therapy alone.